Implementing the requirements of deepening adjustment and reform, leading the industry to stabilize and improve




From May 18th to 19th, the fifth meeting of the sixth chairman of the Provincial Decoration Industry Association (Chamber of Commerce) was held in Rugao. The chairman of the Provincial Decoration Association Wang Youdang presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. All the vice presidents of the Provincial Decoration Association attended the meeting except for 4 people who asked for leave. The Secretary-General of the Provincial Decoration Association and the director of the professional committee attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates. Liu Jianhua, Deputy Director of Rugao Construction Engineering Bureau attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The theme of the meeting was to implement the requirements of the year of deepening the supply-side adjustment and reform. In accordance with the overall idea of ​​deepening the adjustment and reform of the building decoration industry in the province determined by the Fourth Member Congress of the Sixth Provincial Installation Association, we brainstormed and discussed the situation of the industry in deepening adjustment and reform. Next, the problems of sustainable and healthy development and the solutions and experiences. A strong consensus was formed at the meeting, which is to insist on doing your best under the unfavorable macro situation. According to their own exploration and practice, they exchanged many ideas and measures that have both insights and can be implemented. Some of them have achieved initial results, which have a good inspiring effect on the development of the industry under the new situation. In terms of product structure adjustment, some actively cultivate professional characteristics, and specialize in the fields of rail transit station decoration design and construction, hospital purification engineering, pension real estate decoration, exhibition, intelligence and other fields, and make a fuss about "professionalism"; Some focus on the diversified development of the main business, and actively explore in terms of investment and financing, market-oriented transformation and development of existing factories, and strive to form new structural advantages and complement each other. In terms of market layout adjustment, some actively seek strategic cooperation with central enterprises and general contractors, borrow boats to go overseas, expand markets outside the province and abroad while consolidating the local market, and their performance has improved significantly; some advantageous public decoration companies have entered home improvement The market has achieved initial results; some have consolidated and expanded their partnership with real estate developers, and their share in the finished home decoration market has continued to increase. In terms of the adjustment of productivity factors, many companies focus on improving the quality of personnel, cultivating the spirit of craftsmen and professional skills, and improving the level of science and technology on the other. The reputation of the brand has made great progress; some focus on the exploration and innovation of enterprise management, the management mechanism is further optimized, and the level of refined management is further improved. These ideas and achievements of exploration and practice have triggered more and more valuable thinking by the presidents, adding wisdom and positive energy to exploring new paths for the development of the province's decoration industry. Chairman Wang Youdang interacted with everyone in presiding over the meeting and concluding speeches.

President Wang said that the theme of this meeting was clear, the ideas were concentrated, and it was very successful. Everyone carried out in-depth exchanges on the theme of deepening adjustment and reform, and sorted out development ideas from specific work. It is brief and content, in line with the development requirements of the situation, and in line with the overall characteristics of the industry. The proposed measures can be implemented and replicated. Strong, which better reflects the level, function and level of the chairman's meeting. First, the in-depth adjustment of industries and products must conform to the rules of the development of the market economy, take the road of professionalism, develop its own brand, and make its own characteristics. The second is to focus on the diversified development of the main business while developing professionally, seek development according to its own characteristics and market environment, actively embrace the financial market, improve financing capabilities, and strengthen competitiveness. The third is to take the initiative to combine advantageous industries with its own professional advantages, seek partners in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and related industries, and form a new "joint fleet" to better adapt to changes in the market situation and the general contracting system for construction projects, and strengthen the market. Competitiveness. In terms of internal joint development, it is a very beneficial attempt by Nantong Decoration Association to promote member units to jointly build an information-based material sharing platform and to guide enterprises to voluntarily jointly build scale advantages. The fourth is to adjust the market layout from the aspects of professional layout and geographical layout. It is necessary to target the professional market to find business opportunities and form a professional competitive brand. Conditional enterprises should learn advanced experience and take the initiative to form strategic partnerships with central enterprises or general contracting enterprises , Work together to open up markets outside the province and abroad. The fifth is to actively integrate into the construction of the standard system, and develop advanced enterprise standards to improve the quality of the enterprise. The sixth is to further vigorously promote the improvement of the productivity level, and achieve a new leap in terms of the level of science and technology and the quality of personnel. For the suggestions and policy suggestions for the work of the association, some should strengthen research and improvement, and some should actively reflect to the relevant departments. President Wang emphasized that the fourth member congress of the sixth session of the Provincial Installation Association has determined the overall idea of ​​deepening the adjustment and reform of the province's building decoration industry, and the key is to implement it in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise. The general focus of the association's work this year is still "steady development, quality control, and promotion of transformation", which is consistent with the needs of industry development. According to the requirements and goals of the reform, we should adjust the market layout, adjust the product structure, adjust the factors of productivity, improve product quality and production level, speed up the transformation from traditional to modern, and strive not to be eliminated by the market. It is necessary to deepen the understanding of the relationship between the industry and the overall situation, see the direction clearly, provide the correct guidance for the deepening of adjustment and reform and sustainable and healthy development of the whole industry, and promote the stable development of the decoration industry and development against the trend.

While fully affirming everyone's speeches, he put forward higher requirements for the quality of speeches at the future chairman's working meeting. It is required that everyone not only stand from the perspective of entrepreneurs, but also from the perspective of the leading group of the provincial association and the industry as a whole to grasp their own roles; not to report the work of the company in general, but to focus on changes in the situation and the overall development of the industry, and contact the actual situation of the company Exchange of ideas; it is not the eyes that blame others, but the eyes that look inward at the company and the entire industry, work hard to be yourself, and lead the industry. In the future chairman's working meeting, we should carry forward these aspects, be more fully prepared, speak at a higher level, and play a better role in leading the development of the industry.

Secretary-General Gao Feng of the Provincial Decoration Association introduced the purpose, methods and requirements of the provincial construction department's "building thousands of enterprises, promoting transformation and development" large-scale visit and implementation activities, and hoped that entrepreneurs will carefully collect and sort out the problems and difficulties faced by decoration enterprises , report it to the association, and report it to the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development in order to study solutions. Liu Jianhua, deputy director of Rugao Construction Engineering Bureau, extended a warm welcome to the fifth meeting of the sixth chairman of the Provincial Installation Association in Rugao, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders and experts for their long-term concern and support to Rugao, and hoped that The city's decoration and decoration industry should give more advice and support to the development of the city's decoration and decoration industry. The meeting also organized and participated in the win-win symposium of stone mining and supply organized by China Decoration Association and the 2nd China Rugao International Stone and Equipment Exhibition, and visited the classical garden water painting garden in Rugao ancient city. Nantong City Decoration Association, Rugao City Construction Engineering Bureau, Chengyue Decoration, Bluestar Curtain Wall and other enterprises have done a lot of fruitful work to ensure the success of the conference, which has been unanimously praised by the participants.