50 safety "taboos" on the construction site, have you been recruited?




1. Safe production


safety information

1. There is a phenomenon of signing on behalf of the person;

2. Failing to strictly implement the "work from zero method" or "work from zero method" for safety management, the log records are incomplete and there are false phenomena.



3. The scaffolding is not fully paved;

4. Failure to set up drainage ditches as required;

5. Scaffolding rods are not painted with yellow paint;

6. The distance between the inner frame and the building is not protected according to regulations.


"Three Treasures", "Four Ports" and "Limbing" Protection

7. Failure to wear safety helmets on the construction site as required;

8. Failure to wear seat belts in accordance with regulations when working at heights;

9. There are too many sundries in the safety net;

10. Stair entrances, elevator shaft entrances, reserved entrances, passage entrances and other openings are not well protected, and the red and white warning colors are not painted;

11. The marginal protection of foundation pits, roofs, floors, balconies, unloading platforms, etc. is not strict, and the guardrails are not painted with red and white warning colors.


Construction electricity

12. Sundries are stacked in front of the electric box;

13. The electric box is not provided with rainproof facilities as required.


Lifting machinery and equipment

14. The tower crane driver's certificate is not stored on the construction site;

15. There is no tower crane command or the command liaison signal is unclear;

16. The safety doors of the unloading platform of each layer of the external elevator and material hoist are not closed according to regulations;

17. The registration plates of tower cranes, elevators, derricks, gondolas, material hoists, etc. are not fixed on the equipment as required.


construction equipment

18. The protective shed for dust-prone equipment such as mixers and ash mixers is not closed or is not tightly closed;

19. There is no protective cover in the transmission part of the machine;

20. Mixers, ash mixers, etc. are not provided with sedimentation tanks as required.

2. Civilized construction


On-site enclosure

21. The retaining wall is not beautified and brightened;

22. The retaining wall is inclined, damaged or untidy;

23. Relying on the retaining wall to stack materials and garbage.


building enclosure

24. The height of the fence of the dense mesh safety net does not meet the specified requirements;

25. The dense mesh safety net is damaged or untidy;

26. The dense mesh safety net is not tied firmly and the enclosure is not tight;

27. The dense mesh safety net is tied with wire or the net buckle is leaked.


safety warning

28. Failure to use humanized safety warning signs as required;

29. Failure to set up safety warning mirrors as required;

30. Insufficient number of safety warning signs and improper hanging position.


Temporary facilities

31. Wall panels, doors and windows, etc. are damaged and not promptly repaired and untidy;

32. Failure to install screen doors and screen windows in accordance with regulations in warm seasons;

33. The dormitory is hygienic and messy, and there is no unified closed sideboard;

34. The hygiene of the canteen is poor, and the cooks do not wear work clothes;

35. The toilet is not flushed in time;

36. Failing to set up and use the shower room as required.


field appearance

37. The facility for scouring vehicles is not set up or used at the gate of the construction site;

38. The vehicles entering and leaving are not washed cleanly and the coverage is not strictly polluting the road;

39. The hardened road at the construction site is damaged and the pollution is serious;

40. Building materials are piled up in disorder, and signs are not set up as required;

41. The construction operation area and the living and office area are not clearly divided;

42. Construction waste is not cleared and transported in time, and domestic waste is not cleaned every day;

43. The drainage of the construction site is not smooth, and there is sewage sludge;

44. Throwing garbage from the inside of the building;

45. The original soil and backfill soil have not been solidified and covered with effective measures;

46. ​​The construction site is not greened according to the regulations.


On-site fire protection

47. Failing to set up a fire-fighting equipment centralized point as required;

48. Fire-fighting equipment is not reasonably equipped in flammable places such as living areas, wood production areas, warehouses, transformer (distribution) power rooms, and distribution boxes.


Comprehensive management

49. Failing to carry out night school activities for construction site workers as required;

50. Security guards do not wear uniforms.