Pay tribute to the blue star people who persevere in the hot summer




The sun in July is like a big fireball, mercilessly scorching the earth. In the city covered by the high temperature, the roads seem to be much wider, with fewer vehicles and fewer pedestrians. However, despite the high temperature, there are such a group of people, who are still sticking to the front line of their posts as always in the construction site and workshop where the machines are roaring.

The sun shines on the skin as hot as fire, but the Bluestar project managers and workshop employees are very motivated. They overcome the scorching sun with an optimistic and cheerful attitude. They stepped up construction, production, and progress despite the high temperature. Building buildings with their own sweat, let's salute them!

Recently, the Jinmao sales office project in Jiading has been under project acceptance, and projects such as Shanghai Kingboard and Shanghai Jewelry City are nearing completion. In the hot summer, thank every employee for their hard work! Your simple faces bring us a different kind of touch in this hot summer. Here, the company would like to express its most sincere respect and gratitude to every employee of each project department and workshop!

While paying tribute, I did not forget to remind: each project department and workshop need to do a good job of preventing heatstroke and cooling, and conscientiously implement the requirements of safe production and civilized construction to ensure that each project is advanced in an efficient and orderly manner.

They stick to their posts in the high temperature, and they paint a beautiful blueprint with sweat. We firmly believe that with the hard work of these lovely and respectable Bluestar people, Bluestar will become more and more brilliant!