A Letter of Commendation - Exploring the Jinmao Demonstration Zone in Wenzhou




A Letter of Commendation - Exploring the Jinmao Demonstration Zone in Wenzhou


Address: Northwest of the intersection of Yanhong Road and Oushi Road, Oujiangkou New District, Wenzhou

Introduction: The project is located in the Oujiang River in Wenzhou, at the intersection of the East China Sea and the Oujiang River. It is the main development area of ​​the central city of Wenzhou and the core area of ​​the Wenzhou coastal industrial belt. It stands at the intersection of the development axis along the river and the development axis along the coast, creating a bridgehead for Wenzhou's eastward advance.

The project department has been working hard for many days and nights since it took over the task of rushing to work. At present, the Wenzhou Oujiang Project Demonstration Zone is now coming to an end, successfully fulfilling the various node goals required by the owner, and starting Bluestar's No. 1 in Wenzhou gun.

I would like to thank all the friends who have contributed to the Wenzhou project. Because of you, Bluestar has received unanimous praise in all aspects of the Wenzhou project.

The project has won the praise of the owner. The owner's affirmation is the driving force for us to keep moving forward. We will continue to sum up our experience seriously, carry forward the Blue Star spirit of overcoming difficulties, focus on construction safety, improve quality, and strive to create high-quality projects!

Calvino said that the city is like a sponge, absorbing the tide of these constantly flowing memories and expanding with it. Wenzhou Oujiang Demonstration Zone is the first step taken by Bluestar Decoration in Wenzhou. At present, the demonstration area is coming to an end. In the wave of Wenzhou rushing to the "Era of the East China Sea", Bluestar will definitely leave a deep mark.