Bluestar World Door and Window Feast - 2018 Nuremberg International Door, Window and Curtain Wall Exhibition




In the context of the global economic integration, the curtain wall industry needs to break the thinking of national boundaries, think about how to use global business opportunities and resources, determine corporate development strategies, and accelerate corporate development. The Nuremberg International Door, Window and Curtain Wall Exhibition has been held by the Nuremberg exhibition company NürnbergMesse GmbH since 1988. It is held every two years and is one of the most well-known door, window and curtain wall exhibitions in the world. As the world's top exhibition, the exhibition leads the trend, not only providing more display space for this prosperous industry, but also providing a wider and deeper product display for various market segments. It is a rare opportunity for Bluestar to strengthen its own new technology on this international platform to communicate and learn with more than 1,200 exhibitors from nearly 40 countries around the world.

On March 18th, the chief design engineer and design director of our company went to Germany to participate in the 12-day Nuremberg Doors, Windows and Curtain Wall Expo, and opened an experience tour of door and window exhibits and design aesthetics. In this exhibition feast of doors, windows and curtain walls, they communicated with various professionals and visited new technology products such as high-efficiency and energy-saving door and window systems, comfortable and convenient hardware systems, sophisticated door and window handles, and innovative sunshade systems. The international advanced technical charm and technological creativity also deeply feel the ingenuity of an industry.

With technology, there is quality. With persistence, there is reputation. Every time we learn, it means that Bluestar people take a step forward. Every time we communicate, Bluestar people and high-tech people are building connections to become a better version of themselves. In construction, design and project operation, Bluestar has devoted countless energy for decades. The company has increased investment in technology and gradually improved the technological content of decoration construction. The company actively participates in the relevant activities and exhibitions held by the China Decoration Association, actively participates in the preparation of the national building curtain wall specifications and standards, regularly organizes industry exchanges and learning, invites experts in the field of curtain wall and other fields to give training lectures for the company's personnel, so as to keep abreast of the domestic and foreign decoration industry. New materials, new technologies. As a socially responsible enterprise, Bluestar has the responsibility and obligation to do its part for the development of China's construction industry.


在世界经济一体化的大背景下,幕墙行业更需要打破国界束缚的思维,思考如何利用全球商机和资源,确定企业发展战略,加速企业发展。纽伦堡国际门窗幕墙展是由纽伦堡会展公司NürnbergMesse GmbH自1988起开始举办,两年一届,是全球最知名的门窗幕墙展之一。


在世界经济一体化的大背景下,幕墙行业更需要打破国界束缚的思维,思考如何利用全球商机和资源,确定企业发展战略,加速企业发展。纽伦堡国际门窗幕墙展是由纽伦堡会展公司NürnbergMesse GmbH自1988起开始举办,两年一届,是全球最知名的门窗幕墙展之一。