Founded in 2001 with a registered capital of 104.59 million Yuan, Lanxing sets up its headquarter in Rugao, the blessed magnificent land of longevity in the Yangtze River Delta. It covers more than 20,000 square meters in its production and manufacturing base and opens branch in Shanghai and Macao. The company is a one-package professional company aggregating designing and consultancy of curtain wall and decoration project, precise manufacturing, construction and installation and maintenance of curtain wall. It has such qualifications as Grade A on designing of curtain wall project, Grade A for decoration and ornamentation project, Grade One for curtain wall construction, Grade One for decoration and ornamentation project, overseas contracting, Grade Two for environmental project.

For over two decades since its establishment, Lanxing has been forever sticking to the principle of no outsourcing and no dependence’ and complying with the company spirits of ‘lasting for being professional and good quality for being dedicated to work’. It has been sticking to independent research, designing, organization of construction, making curtain wall and decoration project with quality guarantee and corporate qualifications and indulging itself into ‘everlasting Lanxing’ brand featuring powerful vigor, excellent technology and dignified spirit.

Over years, with its astounding professional reputation and dedication spirits, Lanxing has been undertaking hundreds of large and medium-sized curtain wall and decoration projects covering light rail station in Macau, Liaoning Hongyan River nuclear station, China Unicom Shanghai Headquarter Tower, Shandong Dongying Commercial Bank, Hainna Baolian Town and so forth and spreading its footsteps all over the country. After Wenchuan big earthquake, the company assigned people to head to Mianzhu two museums and three centers for after-disaster reconstruction, exhibited its ‘great love’ and got universal praise in the field. Over years, the company has been rated as outstanding decoration company in Jiangsu and national AAA-level credit ranking company. It is awarded dozens of domestic and provincial awards of merits.

'Peaches and plums do not have to walk and the world beats a path to them'. Lanxing staffs got favored and praised by all walks of the society due to their excellence and persistence. The company got involved in compilation of Rules on Identifying Reliability of Existing Architectural Curtain Wall, and Standards to Compile Architectural Curtain Wall Designing. It was rated as a standing president unit in Nantong Decoration Industry Association and over years, it has been taken as a model for technology and spiritual model by Rugao municipal government and is granted advanced unit for policy awards. Such famous real estate companies as Kinmaw, Greenbelt Group, Xinghao Capital, Fudi Group and so forth have been forming strategic cooperation with our company on a long-term basis.

To create a homeland for staffs—company belonging a person can rely on for a lifetime. To provide honors to the suppliers-a name worthy of being praised. To create wealth to clients-an industrial benchmark in the world. to create values to the society—a spiritual model that is dedicated to world and exclusive.

Lanxing in the new ear will edge ahead in adherence and innovation.