Home culture

Home aroma—company and its staffs are interests community who work in collaboration to create a future.
Home harmony-harmony, democracy, self-assistance and mutual progress. Joint development of big and small family.
Home style—set-up of home with integrity, management of home with democracy, intensification of home with knowledge and set-up of home with efficiency.
Patriarch-to show care and to hold gratitude.
Expert-all employees can become experts in their field.
All-selective inclusion and acceptance of different ideologies and voices. The company is tolerant of aspirant employees by encouraging them to become better. It is tolerant of staffs who are lagging behind and helps them grow into better staffs. Staffs should also be tolerant of the company and its defects.
Under the guidance of 'home' culture, Lanxing has been forever sticking to the core value of ‘doing things with dedication, constantly perfecting itself, realizing individual value, corporate value and social values’. While accomplishing a ‘homeland’, we are also accomplishing our own life.