We are dedicated to designing and construction of curtain wall and decoration project and maintenance of existing curtain walls. Other than getting involved in open bidding and competition, we have been forming long-temr partnership with many famous companies including Kinmaw, Greenbelt Group, Fuxing Group, Xinghao Capital, Sunshine Town Group, China Resources, China Vanke, China Property, Jiantao Real Estate, Zhongnan Group and so forth. While it provides outstanding services to proprietors, it also wins good reputation and market.

As a strategic partner of Kinmaw Group, we are rated as ‘outstanding supplier for HSE management in Jinmaw Group’.

We cater to what our customers need and spend days and nights working despite cost. We have been making many fancy sales offices to our proprietors. We used to spend ten days forging a house sales office from a flat land and a drawing paper to main body structure and interior and exterior decoration that witness our strength and service quality.

If you trust us, we will satisfy you to the full.