• In the afternoon of June, 2, 2017, the second compiling work for Compiling Standards for Design Documents of Architectural Curtain Wall Project was held in our company. Our company undertook the meeti...

    • In the afternoon of May, 21, 2017, delegation from Ruhao Municipal People’s Government visited our project in Shanghai International Jewelry Center. The president briefly introduced the project. Shang...

    • On May, 19, 2017, President Chen from China Decoration Association and Provincial Decoration Association, various deputy directors, President Wang from the Municipal Association and entrepreneurs from...

Recruitment of talents

Lanxing pays attention to cultivation and use of talents, enforcing the talents’ concept of ‘morality first and performance as priority’. It has building a broad stage for outstanding talents with ideas and passions to give play to their talents. Outstanding talents with integrity, assiduous dedication spirits, responsible mindset and down-to-earth work styles are welcomed to join us. Hopefully you can join the company for mutual growth and realization of mutual win.
Recruitment post: 1. Curtain wall designer; 2. Project manager; 3. Five members for project management. 4. Technical principal for project

Company Information

Thank you for your attention. You can contact us via the following means:
Headquarter:No. 230, West Fushou Road, Rugao City, Jiangsu
Contact phone:0513-87283589        Fax:0513-87283638
Address for Shanghai Branch Company:7th Floor,Building L3, No.1588 Zhuguang Road,Hongqiao World Center,Qingpu District,Shanghai
Contract phone:021-55580813       Fax:021-55580813
Address for Macau branch company:C, 8th Floor, Nanhua Business Tower,
No. 88-No. 89, Xinma Road, Macau



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