[Existing Curtain Wall Series for Project Construction] Share the responsibility of the times and reshape the vitality of the building




The reconstruction project of Gaojing Intellectual Property Industrialization Park is located in the core area of ​​Baoshan District, Shanghai. After more than 30 years of wind and rain, most of the buildings in the park have been abandoned, the roads in the park are blocked by various temporary buildings, and the traffic is not smooth, which is contrary to the general trend of urban industrial upgrading. The owner decided to renovate it. The Bluestar decoration project team undertook the design and construction of the project with its rich experience in the renovation of existing curtain walls.

The renovation project skillfully combines various curtain wall forms such as dry-hanging ceramic panel curtain wall, fluorocarbon aluminum panel curtain wall, perforated aluminum panel curtain wall, glass curtain wall, etc., filling the blank of urban functions. The renovation of the façade is decorated with ceramic panels, with clean lines, concise and refined composition, and a brand-new image. It integrates modernity and history, simplicity and complexity and smoothness, so that the entire façade of the building has a new look, and it has achieved a perfect fashion transformation.

There are more than a dozen buildings in the project park. In the face of a variety of craft projects and a tight construction period, they did their best to overcome the difficulties of project construction, fully considered factors such as safety, cost, and quality, and proceeded the project in a calm and orderly manner. The operation has truly made the owners feel comfortable, assured and satisfied. After the successful delivery of the first phase, the second and third phases were successfully continued. At present, the company team has completed the inspection of the first and second phases of the project as scheduled, and the upgrading of the third phase is being carried out in an orderly manner~

Facing the future, as a one-stop professional enterprise integrating curtain wall and decoration engineering design consultation, engineering construction, and maintenance of existing curtain walls, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of Bluestar people, and continue step by step. Go forward!

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