Design Consulting Section:

Possess the special grade A qualification for architectural curtain wall engineering design and the special grade A for architectural decoration engineering design, and can undertake the design and technical consultation of various types of curtain wall and decoration projects. He has been deeply involved in the design field for nearly 20 years, and participated in the compilation of design specification documents such as "Architectural Curtain Wall Design Document Compilation Standards". Comprehensive consideration of construction feasibility, structural safety, economy, appearance and other aspects of design consulting work can not only meet the needs of appearance, function, etc., but also have rich practical experience in construction to effectively predict and avoid possible encounters during construction. question.

Building curtain wall plate:

It has the first-class qualification of professional contracting of building curtain wall engineering, and can undertake the construction of various types of building curtain wall projects (full hidden frame glass curtain wall, semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall, clear frame glass curtain wall, frameless glass curtain wall; various metal plates, wood-based panels, stone curtain wall; other types of building curtain wall). With nearly 20 years of experience in curtain wall construction, he participated in the compilation of specifications and standards such as "Basic Technical Requirements for Building Doors, Windows and Curtain Wall Products and Products", "Anti-seismic Falling Detection Method for Building Curtain Wall Panels", and has a project management team and a long-term stable construction team. And a full-time after-sales team, it has successively constructed hundreds of large and medium-sized curtain walls such as Macau Light Rail Station, Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant, China Unicom Shanghai Headquarters Building, Shandong Dongying Commercial Bank, Sichuan Mianzhu Two Museums and Three Centers Post-disaster Reconstruction Project, Hainan Baolian City, etc. Projects, footprints all over the country.

Interior decoration plate:

Possess the first-class qualification for professional contracting of building decoration and decoration engineering, and can undertake various building interior decoration and decoration projects. With nearly 20 years of experience in interior decoration and decoration, he participated in the compilation of the "BIM Implementation Standard for Rail Transit Decoration and Decoration Engineering", and has successively undertaken hundreds of decoration and decoration projects such as hotels, office buildings, and commercial plazas. Reputation and abiding by contracts have won the praise of our customers.

Existing curtain wall maintenance plate:

Participated in the compilation of a number of industry standards such as the "Regulations for Reliability Appraisal of Existing Building Curtain Walls", qualified as an existing building curtain wall maintenance enterprise in Shanghai, and was shortlisted in the Tianjin City Existing Curtain Wall Enterprise Directory. It can provide various technical renovation programs for existing curtain walls, and undertake the repair, maintenance and renovation projects of various existing curtain walls. With its own curtain wall maintenance technology, it has established a practical maintenance technical service system integrating design, material, construction and testing. A strong supplier system ensures the rapid and effective supply of materials, and the fast-response technical and service team provides better services for the majority of owners.